Business Owners Real Estate Management Group Launched

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not in the hamburger business. My business is real estate.” Ray Kroc - Founder of McDonalds

   One way or the other, all businesses are in the real estate business, whether it is building, buying or leasing commercial properties, or simply managing and maintaining them. We can debate the merits of a Big Mac, but no one can dispute that McDonalds has the best locations.   In an effort to add value, the Coldwell Banker Commercial California Northern website now includes deep, and highly valuable data and intelligence reports, plus a new LinkedIn Group designed to help business owners gain the most return on investment from their real estate strategies.

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You will also notice additional information posted on this site that is not normally so open and readily available, such as sales comps and key development opportunities.  Check out the "Free Market Data" page for great tools and data. Our goal is to grow the site and make this the "go to" resource for commercial real estate in Northern California!